*Introduction of my guide service*

I appeared in a popular YouTube program, “Holiday Extras,” in 2018.

*Purpose of my tours*
The goals of my guiding tours are
1)to show you many charms of this beautiful country from my point of view
2)to tell stories or tips about Japanese people/customs
3)to make you happy and touch the heart of the area you travel

I also make great efforts to
1)Try to mix several attractions such as “traditional” & “modern” sites or “must-see” spots & “off-the-beaten trucks. ”
2)Try to introduce more “local” places- some are not famous but worth visiting
3)Try to tell you about basic knowledge of “how to survive traveling in Japan. ”

My hobbies include exploring the city and eating out at local restaurants, so I’ll be happy to share information about my favorite cafes and restaurants with you.